Cargo delivery
from UAE to Ukraine

We perform nautical cargo transportation from UAE to Ukraine.

Sea delivery – it is a comfortable, reliable and cheap way to deliver your cargo.

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The delivery of combined cargo from UAE

In case of development of various industry departments and business, such a trend as the transportation of consolidated cargoes has become more active.

Freight from UAE

Sending a container from the UAE to any port of the world, with the registration of all related documents.

Our advantages


Without additional commissions

There are no commissions related to the formation and processing of parcels

Delivery terms

Delivery 30-45 days from the moment of dispatch of the container from the port

Free storage

Up to 20 days of free storage of parcels in stock


Your cargo is safe. We guarantee safety during transportation

What we do

We pick up the courier, or the sender sends the goods to our warehouse

Receipt of cargo

Preparation of documents for dispatch and shipment to Ukraine

Execution and sending

Customs clearance and clearance of cargo upon arrival in Ukraine

Customs clearance

We deliver goods to one of our warehouses in Ukraine, or by courier to the door

Cargo delivery

How to start working with us


Contact us and get the address of the warehouse


Send the goods to our warehouse or we will pick it up ourselves.


Payment of delivery upon receipt of the goods


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